Saturday, August 22, 2009


When I first met this guy it was just some random person i had said hello to. and he started talking to me like we were old buddies. Trying to be as humble as i can, i was kinda used to people knowing me, even people i did not know, in school.

This first meet took place on the 13th of july 2005, day minus 7 of my VNIT life, but i will skip it, like i had already said introductions were made by a third party.

But nonetheless Kana was the 1st K i met. And that was when the K started i guess, stuck with absolutely no fun roomies in my 1st year, no offence.

So the first time i really came across this guy was in class. Here was a nagpuri person without the haunaa be stuff going on, he intrigued me no doubt. He was already famous in my class what with the A section being half filled with day scholars. At first i felt a strange resemblence to my school life, but the similarity ended there.

The first introductions were actually a face off of sorts being on opposite sides of a debate. I can Lawyer quite well, as all my friends must know by now, but i let ugam handle the representation for the debate, after he was trying to impress a classmate. Kana was the undoubted choice in the opposition. I dont remember who won the debate, but it did spark off a rivalry between Kana and us, though i am not sure he felt or even knew about it.

Most of the first semester went back bitching about kana being a pompous asshole, which he still is by the way. towards the end of the first semester i kind of started to like this guy (My friends would know that i am homophobic so dont even try to make stupid comments about the last line). All thanks to a certain coffee vendor, who apparently died of aids.
both kana and myself liked making rounds to a small coffeeshop next to the workshop in between lectures, and i guess thats where we really got to know each other.

And then he started hanging out with us in the hostel, he is incidently the first daysci of my batch to get ragged in hostel by barry and JP (vikram gupta). It was the incident in which they gave him permission to come to hostel whenever he liked, a permission which he took a bit too seriously even after the two had passed out from college, especially after both of them had passed out.

Here is one guy who has an excuse for absolutely everything and can get himself out of a situation with even the opposition thinking it was their fault all along. i remember a time when we had gone to his house for lunch. on the return trip he was ferrying us in his mom's car. saying he is a rash driver is an understatement. At the kind of speeds with which he drives, he enterred a crossing and stopped his car in the middle of the road to avoid colliding with a van in front. A bike coming in at full speed clipped his rear bumper and had a nasty fall. Kana gets out
and starts screaming at the poor biker whose only fault was his bad brakes and maybe bad luck.
I can go on with such examples.

any mention of kana would be incomplete without the mention of his mom who is officially the entire k wing's local guardian. the frequent home cooked chicken made hostel life so much more filling.

speaking of his mom, the phone conversations between the mother and son have been reason for quite some funny moments in hostel. here is one such example.

kana, playing fifa with ugam: ha maa, hostel mein notes lene aaya hoon.

(aunty's dialogues are fictitious but i guess i would be very close)

aunty: puppu jaldi karo, khana tayyar hai papa will come any minute.

kana: ha bus nikal gaya. 10 minutes mein aata hoon.

conversation ends.

kana dials pizza time: boss, one medium chicken mexicana and pepsi. (shouts)mote tujhe chahiye? ok. boss do karna. yeah. yeah......

next call from mom.

kana: ha mummy, on the way. will be there in two minutes.

generally the great man managed to reach home a good hour after the above conversation.

some gentleman once said "kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab."

if kana becomes a big shot which we all hope he does he will bring in a new sayin. "aaj kare so kal kar, kal kare so never"

love you dost.

P.S. last heard kana is one of the mello ppl in mica. man that place must seriously rock.

sorry for the delay, was busy partyin. now that i am compelled to sit home and study you will see more activity on the blog.

next up the long awaited dukki's chronicles. long awaited by him for sure.

Friday, August 14, 2009


A few weeks into college I was still having trouble coping with the new experiences thrown my way. Living with two almost complete strangers , little contact with my school buddies, long distance relationship and of course an absolute barren wasteland of a college if you get my drift, not to mention the ever looming threat of ragging. And i almost forgot, Kumar's clothing, which were practically killing me.
But i was having fun despite everything.

On a fine rainy day we had our carpentry workshop practicals. Being amongst the first to arrive on registration day we were in the same batch as the other girls of our class. And it was here that i met for the first time one of the stupidest and sweetest and most innocent characters in my life.

Being the first workshop day, we were introduced to the tools and jobs that could be done with them. We had to copy a whole list of stupid stuff written on the blackboard with the faintest chalk i have seen. I was discussing the futility of it all with ugam.

After sometime i noticed that ugam was trying to chat with two girls from our class. After a brief hesitation i too joined in. I am not exactly new to making sweet talk and asking girls out, and i wasnt at that time either. In all my experience, when trying to impress a girl that you are talking to the first time speaking about your current relationship is a total no no ( note this one down black peeg, sorry but teri kheeche bina aage soch nahi sakta). But here ugam was doing just that.

Suddenly he pointed at me and said that his girlfriend was my cousin. There was no decent line i could think of after this statement so i just nodded and smiled. We chatted on until the end of class and seriously i dont remember what we talked about.

And thats it. That was the first time i met deepti pant who later went on to be my best friend's girlfriend. That meeting though will be remembered as the first time ugam and deepti met was also the first time i met deepti.

I have heard of all sorts of stuff going on when two persons meet for the first time.
> Love at first sight
> Hatred raised to infinity
> Pehle hate then friendship

Nothing of this sort happened here. i was totally neutral about meeting this girl, and i wouldnt have even had any memory of this meeting had it not been the first time ugam and deepti had talked to each other.

To be frank, I am not sure we would have been friends had ugam and deepti not become steady.

It wasnt until the final year that we really became friends.

My third year in college was undoubtedly the most hectic and fun year. And i also learnt a lot of things which i know will help me in the future. Organising stuff was tense but it was also awesome. It was during all these fests that i got to know deepti to be the silly stupid yet caring person she is.

I became close to all the K wing members and other friends at VNIT at the start of the 7th sem. Ironically deepti didnt feature on the list of my close friends then, it was after the dawn of the year 2009 that deepti appeared my "best" (and i have many on that list) friends list.
It was the farewell period that really brought us close. We were the first two K people to have cried during that time, and i have no qualms accepting it. And it was also during this period that we had several fights, and though iits hard to admit, it was almost always my fault, but it did make us better friends knowing the others shortcomings.
She is a brilliant actor by the way.
The best part about her is that she always manages to see good in people, with the kind of friends she has in college she must be very good at it, and the 'very' points to yours truely.
Its sad that she is out of phone's throw and also that our gtalk timings dont match, but i am sure it will do little to reduce the friendship we share.
P.S. She is the first ever girl that my mom said something good about, so she must be awesome.

And for those who have read or/and commented thanks a lot. I guess with this the goody goody nature of the blog is coming to an end. for obvious reasons, the next two posts will be about kanabar and the man who is sooo famous that even the canteen manager calls him "Dukkar".
Wait and watch, brutality unleashed :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DJ AnDhee

After meeting Ugam and his roomies, i was having loads of fun in room 24. There was even a joke going around that room 24 has 4 boys living in it instead of 3. Ironically the room did finally end up having 4 mates, but that is for a different time.
It was July 18 the day i met ugam for the first time. Next day was our first day in hostel and 20th wednesday, the first day in VNIT. The start of a period of my life i wont forget, unless i become a spy and have an even awesome time in the future. :D

on the 20th, my mom left for mumbai. Now i had freedom, to do anything and everything whatever pleased me.
and then the unthinkable happened.
My fresh pair of trousers tore, where it shouldnt have. I had never done any kind of house work before that time, and the best i had ever managed to do was sew buttons to a shirt.
And that was when i became friends with our dear own DJ Andhee.
Anand Dedhia, though few people know his first name, came to my rescue. sewing the pants to near perfection.
When i first met him he was a strange guy. we all had brought in our clothes in stuffed handbags and sacks. but this guy had a suitcase for his clothes. and neatly taped and labbeled cartons.
At first i thought, yeh to gavaar lagta hai, itna bhi systematic hota hai kya?
Only later did i understand the tre value of his planning and management, when we began organising things.
At first he was a bit quick tempered, still is but has learned the virtue of control.

Tall and handsome, i always wondered how no girl had a crush on him. maybe some did secretly, who knows.
For one thing i respect him is his values, though sometimes i find them too rigid, he sticks to them always. He has accompanied us to all kinds of dingy bars and dhabas. he never drinks, hasnt touched alchohol or non veg in my memory. And when we are sloshed and out of our minds he doesnt have any qualms carrying us back to our rooms. Even when a certain thin kannada guy whitewashed his own room with puke daddy was there to take care of him.

People who know me are going to be shocked reading me say so much good about someone who isnt myself.

love you daddy.


heres writing my first post on my first blog. grammatical corrections, avoid (ye tere liye hai datar and vasava). english mat dekho bhaavna ko samjho.

In VNIT, K wing is a famous (or so we like to think) collection of items who are smart (?), capable and know that they can do big. but destiny invariably has had something else in store.

This looks like a good opportunity to tell how i met them.
so here goes,

He was the first K wing member i met. met him even before coming to college.
Though we werent the K wing as yet, so even he wasnt bullet then.

On the train a cute little boy was reading Harry Potter's latest edition, sitting at the window, with little care of the world. His mom was sitting next to him taking care of the truck load of luggage they were carrying along, VNIT mein ghar basane ke liye.
There was a lot of chit chatting going on in the berth behind the boy, but he couldn't care less.
Then all of a sudden two strangers walked past, looked at the kid and stopped.

Stranger 1: Hi.
Kid: (looks up from his book) Hi (totally uninterested).

The strangers though i call them, would soon be good friends with the kid. 1st one was a tall handsome and lean guy, could have been mistaken for a girl. The other was a rather short, dark fellow and looked as though he could do with a bath and a hair cut (in several parts, not even remotely trying to be vulgar).

Stranger 1: You going to VNIT?
Kid: yeah, you?
Stranger 2: Us too.
Kid: hmm.
Stranger 1: which branch?
Kid: Electrical.
Stranger1: we are in electronics, we have another friend back there, he is also electrical.
Kid: Good.

The two were oblivious of the fact that the kid was totally uninterested. after all there we over 60 people in electrical, and atleast 10 to 15 from mumbai, and there were 4 years to get to know them too.

Stranger1: we are playing cards, care to join?
Kid: what are you playing?
Stranger1: Mhendicoat. we will teach you how to play.
Kid: gr8

Tata harry potter. it is redundant now to say that the kid was fan of the card game, a favourite with the K wings marathi members.

Joining a horde of people the kid was a little nervous at first. he was introduced to the stranger;s parents and to another young man. The first glimpse was enough for the kid to tell that this one here is an @$$ho!e, just like himself. The game went on for quite some time.
The kid returned to his seat, glad to have made some friends even before landing in VNIT.

Next day, early in the morning the kid and his mom went over to block 9 room 25 along with his two room mates. while the mothers were busy cleaning and setting up the room for their wards, the kid and other inmates were roaming around trying to see the new neighbours.

As he entered room 24, the kid was shocked at the coincidence. the entire horde , with whom he had spent the earlier eveing playing cards were in room 24.

the @$$ho!e: do you know rasika?
Kid: i am not sure, rasika who?
the @$$ho!e: she is my girlfriend.(matter of factly).
Kid: so? should i know her?
the @$$ho!e: i dont know, maybe.

it wasnt until a few days later that the kid realised that the girl the @$$ho!e was talking about was his cousin.

needless to say. I am the kid,the @$$ho!e is Mr. Vinayak Desai( oracle mein job lagne ke baad bade saheb ho gaye hai) aka ugam aka bullet.
and the two strangers were undoubtedly Sumeet and Niru, no points for guessing which was stranger 1 and 2.

Thus began a friendship i hope will last for years to come.
and coincidently it wasnt just the 1st year when we were neighbours. we were neighbours for all four years.

To tell the truth i had met kanabar even before i met ugam.
but since at that time another daysci i barely knew had introduced me to him, i skip it.
Next to come Kanabar, and since i have to be very brutal, that post will take some time before it is published.