Wednesday, August 12, 2009


heres writing my first post on my first blog. grammatical corrections, avoid (ye tere liye hai datar and vasava). english mat dekho bhaavna ko samjho.

In VNIT, K wing is a famous (or so we like to think) collection of items who are smart (?), capable and know that they can do big. but destiny invariably has had something else in store.

This looks like a good opportunity to tell how i met them.
so here goes,

He was the first K wing member i met. met him even before coming to college.
Though we werent the K wing as yet, so even he wasnt bullet then.

On the train a cute little boy was reading Harry Potter's latest edition, sitting at the window, with little care of the world. His mom was sitting next to him taking care of the truck load of luggage they were carrying along, VNIT mein ghar basane ke liye.
There was a lot of chit chatting going on in the berth behind the boy, but he couldn't care less.
Then all of a sudden two strangers walked past, looked at the kid and stopped.

Stranger 1: Hi.
Kid: (looks up from his book) Hi (totally uninterested).

The strangers though i call them, would soon be good friends with the kid. 1st one was a tall handsome and lean guy, could have been mistaken for a girl. The other was a rather short, dark fellow and looked as though he could do with a bath and a hair cut (in several parts, not even remotely trying to be vulgar).

Stranger 1: You going to VNIT?
Kid: yeah, you?
Stranger 2: Us too.
Kid: hmm.
Stranger 1: which branch?
Kid: Electrical.
Stranger1: we are in electronics, we have another friend back there, he is also electrical.
Kid: Good.

The two were oblivious of the fact that the kid was totally uninterested. after all there we over 60 people in electrical, and atleast 10 to 15 from mumbai, and there were 4 years to get to know them too.

Stranger1: we are playing cards, care to join?
Kid: what are you playing?
Stranger1: Mhendicoat. we will teach you how to play.
Kid: gr8

Tata harry potter. it is redundant now to say that the kid was fan of the card game, a favourite with the K wings marathi members.

Joining a horde of people the kid was a little nervous at first. he was introduced to the stranger;s parents and to another young man. The first glimpse was enough for the kid to tell that this one here is an @$$ho!e, just like himself. The game went on for quite some time.
The kid returned to his seat, glad to have made some friends even before landing in VNIT.

Next day, early in the morning the kid and his mom went over to block 9 room 25 along with his two room mates. while the mothers were busy cleaning and setting up the room for their wards, the kid and other inmates were roaming around trying to see the new neighbours.

As he entered room 24, the kid was shocked at the coincidence. the entire horde , with whom he had spent the earlier eveing playing cards were in room 24.

the @$$ho!e: do you know rasika?
Kid: i am not sure, rasika who?
the @$$ho!e: she is my girlfriend.(matter of factly).
Kid: so? should i know her?
the @$$ho!e: i dont know, maybe.

it wasnt until a few days later that the kid realised that the girl the @$$ho!e was talking about was his cousin.

needless to say. I am the kid,the @$$ho!e is Mr. Vinayak Desai( oracle mein job lagne ke baad bade saheb ho gaye hai) aka ugam aka bullet.
and the two strangers were undoubtedly Sumeet and Niru, no points for guessing which was stranger 1 and 2.

Thus began a friendship i hope will last for years to come.
and coincidently it wasnt just the 1st year when we were neighbours. we were neighbours for all four years.

To tell the truth i had met kanabar even before i met ugam.
but since at that time another daysci i barely knew had introduced me to him, i skip it.
Next to come Kanabar, and since i have to be very brutal, that post will take some time before it is published.


  1. Hehe Nice one
    Nice Description of Sumit and Niru!

  2. Why did u take days to realise?