Friday, August 14, 2009


A few weeks into college I was still having trouble coping with the new experiences thrown my way. Living with two almost complete strangers , little contact with my school buddies, long distance relationship and of course an absolute barren wasteland of a college if you get my drift, not to mention the ever looming threat of ragging. And i almost forgot, Kumar's clothing, which were practically killing me.
But i was having fun despite everything.

On a fine rainy day we had our carpentry workshop practicals. Being amongst the first to arrive on registration day we were in the same batch as the other girls of our class. And it was here that i met for the first time one of the stupidest and sweetest and most innocent characters in my life.

Being the first workshop day, we were introduced to the tools and jobs that could be done with them. We had to copy a whole list of stupid stuff written on the blackboard with the faintest chalk i have seen. I was discussing the futility of it all with ugam.

After sometime i noticed that ugam was trying to chat with two girls from our class. After a brief hesitation i too joined in. I am not exactly new to making sweet talk and asking girls out, and i wasnt at that time either. In all my experience, when trying to impress a girl that you are talking to the first time speaking about your current relationship is a total no no ( note this one down black peeg, sorry but teri kheeche bina aage soch nahi sakta). But here ugam was doing just that.

Suddenly he pointed at me and said that his girlfriend was my cousin. There was no decent line i could think of after this statement so i just nodded and smiled. We chatted on until the end of class and seriously i dont remember what we talked about.

And thats it. That was the first time i met deepti pant who later went on to be my best friend's girlfriend. That meeting though will be remembered as the first time ugam and deepti met was also the first time i met deepti.

I have heard of all sorts of stuff going on when two persons meet for the first time.
> Love at first sight
> Hatred raised to infinity
> Pehle hate then friendship

Nothing of this sort happened here. i was totally neutral about meeting this girl, and i wouldnt have even had any memory of this meeting had it not been the first time ugam and deepti had talked to each other.

To be frank, I am not sure we would have been friends had ugam and deepti not become steady.

It wasnt until the final year that we really became friends.

My third year in college was undoubtedly the most hectic and fun year. And i also learnt a lot of things which i know will help me in the future. Organising stuff was tense but it was also awesome. It was during all these fests that i got to know deepti to be the silly stupid yet caring person she is.

I became close to all the K wing members and other friends at VNIT at the start of the 7th sem. Ironically deepti didnt feature on the list of my close friends then, it was after the dawn of the year 2009 that deepti appeared my "best" (and i have many on that list) friends list.
It was the farewell period that really brought us close. We were the first two K people to have cried during that time, and i have no qualms accepting it. And it was also during this period that we had several fights, and though iits hard to admit, it was almost always my fault, but it did make us better friends knowing the others shortcomings.
She is a brilliant actor by the way.
The best part about her is that she always manages to see good in people, with the kind of friends she has in college she must be very good at it, and the 'very' points to yours truely.
Its sad that she is out of phone's throw and also that our gtalk timings dont match, but i am sure it will do little to reduce the friendship we share.
P.S. She is the first ever girl that my mom said something good about, so she must be awesome.

And for those who have read or/and commented thanks a lot. I guess with this the goody goody nature of the blog is coming to an end. for obvious reasons, the next two posts will be about kanabar and the man who is sooo famous that even the canteen manager calls him "Dukkar".
Wait and watch, brutality unleashed :P


  1. "To be frank, I am not sure we would have been friends had ugam and deepti not become steady." What else then?

    But Deepti is one of the most lovely and kind hearted persons I have ever met. No doubts about that.

  2. that just means we might not have been as good friends as we so mr. ssd

  3. i wud have never known this otherwise .. and i dont agree completely with deepti being innocent :) tanmay dont be so blind

  4. @dukkar i am innocent ok?? teri nazar hi kharab hai.. :P has been a long time since i've taken his case yaar..sorry tanmay..
    As for d blog..It was really sweet..and d part bout ugam being the connection is also very true..I am actually out of words..Missing u all a lot..

  5. i am eagerly waiting for the next ones..