Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DJ AnDhee

After meeting Ugam and his roomies, i was having loads of fun in room 24. There was even a joke going around that room 24 has 4 boys living in it instead of 3. Ironically the room did finally end up having 4 mates, but that is for a different time.
It was July 18 the day i met ugam for the first time. Next day was our first day in hostel and 20th wednesday, the first day in VNIT. The start of a period of my life i wont forget, unless i become a spy and have an even awesome time in the future. :D

on the 20th, my mom left for mumbai. Now i had freedom, to do anything and everything whatever pleased me.
and then the unthinkable happened.
My fresh pair of trousers tore, where it shouldnt have. I had never done any kind of house work before that time, and the best i had ever managed to do was sew buttons to a shirt.
And that was when i became friends with our dear own DJ Andhee.
Anand Dedhia, though few people know his first name, came to my rescue. sewing the pants to near perfection.
When i first met him he was a strange guy. we all had brought in our clothes in stuffed handbags and sacks. but this guy had a suitcase for his clothes. and neatly taped and labbeled cartons.
At first i thought, yeh to gavaar lagta hai, itna bhi systematic hota hai kya?
Only later did i understand the tre value of his planning and management, when we began organising things.
At first he was a bit quick tempered, still is but has learned the virtue of control.

Tall and handsome, i always wondered how no girl had a crush on him. maybe some did secretly, who knows.
For one thing i respect him is his values, though sometimes i find them too rigid, he sticks to them always. He has accompanied us to all kinds of dingy bars and dhabas. he never drinks, hasnt touched alchohol or non veg in my memory. And when we are sloshed and out of our minds he doesnt have any qualms carrying us back to our rooms. Even when a certain thin kannada guy whitewashed his own room with puke daddy was there to take care of him.

People who know me are going to be shocked reading me say so much good about someone who isnt myself.

love you daddy.


  1. rigid am i,ya certainly true..even i feel that at times..
    but alpha saala sabko rulane ki koshish ka raha hai..
    love u alpha!keep bloggin..i know theres more to come :)

  2. All of Kpeople are bull headed within their own limits. I dunno how many times we have shouted or fought over things.

    Abstinence from all intoxicants is certainly a praiseworthy fact.

  3. waise on a lighter note .. i have named dedhia as DJ andhee .. as all the great nick names in VNIT .. so respect