Saturday, August 22, 2009


When I first met this guy it was just some random person i had said hello to. and he started talking to me like we were old buddies. Trying to be as humble as i can, i was kinda used to people knowing me, even people i did not know, in school.

This first meet took place on the 13th of july 2005, day minus 7 of my VNIT life, but i will skip it, like i had already said introductions were made by a third party.

But nonetheless Kana was the 1st K i met. And that was when the K started i guess, stuck with absolutely no fun roomies in my 1st year, no offence.

So the first time i really came across this guy was in class. Here was a nagpuri person without the haunaa be stuff going on, he intrigued me no doubt. He was already famous in my class what with the A section being half filled with day scholars. At first i felt a strange resemblence to my school life, but the similarity ended there.

The first introductions were actually a face off of sorts being on opposite sides of a debate. I can Lawyer quite well, as all my friends must know by now, but i let ugam handle the representation for the debate, after he was trying to impress a classmate. Kana was the undoubted choice in the opposition. I dont remember who won the debate, but it did spark off a rivalry between Kana and us, though i am not sure he felt or even knew about it.

Most of the first semester went back bitching about kana being a pompous asshole, which he still is by the way. towards the end of the first semester i kind of started to like this guy (My friends would know that i am homophobic so dont even try to make stupid comments about the last line). All thanks to a certain coffee vendor, who apparently died of aids.
both kana and myself liked making rounds to a small coffeeshop next to the workshop in between lectures, and i guess thats where we really got to know each other.

And then he started hanging out with us in the hostel, he is incidently the first daysci of my batch to get ragged in hostel by barry and JP (vikram gupta). It was the incident in which they gave him permission to come to hostel whenever he liked, a permission which he took a bit too seriously even after the two had passed out from college, especially after both of them had passed out.

Here is one guy who has an excuse for absolutely everything and can get himself out of a situation with even the opposition thinking it was their fault all along. i remember a time when we had gone to his house for lunch. on the return trip he was ferrying us in his mom's car. saying he is a rash driver is an understatement. At the kind of speeds with which he drives, he enterred a crossing and stopped his car in the middle of the road to avoid colliding with a van in front. A bike coming in at full speed clipped his rear bumper and had a nasty fall. Kana gets out
and starts screaming at the poor biker whose only fault was his bad brakes and maybe bad luck.
I can go on with such examples.

any mention of kana would be incomplete without the mention of his mom who is officially the entire k wing's local guardian. the frequent home cooked chicken made hostel life so much more filling.

speaking of his mom, the phone conversations between the mother and son have been reason for quite some funny moments in hostel. here is one such example.

kana, playing fifa with ugam: ha maa, hostel mein notes lene aaya hoon.

(aunty's dialogues are fictitious but i guess i would be very close)

aunty: puppu jaldi karo, khana tayyar hai papa will come any minute.

kana: ha bus nikal gaya. 10 minutes mein aata hoon.

conversation ends.

kana dials pizza time: boss, one medium chicken mexicana and pepsi. (shouts)mote tujhe chahiye? ok. boss do karna. yeah. yeah......

next call from mom.

kana: ha mummy, on the way. will be there in two minutes.

generally the great man managed to reach home a good hour after the above conversation.

some gentleman once said "kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab."

if kana becomes a big shot which we all hope he does he will bring in a new sayin. "aaj kare so kal kar, kal kare so never"

love you dost.

P.S. last heard kana is one of the mello ppl in mica. man that place must seriously rock.

sorry for the delay, was busy partyin. now that i am compelled to sit home and study you will see more activity on the blog.

next up the long awaited dukki's chronicles. long awaited by him for sure.


  1. Feasting kanabar!awesome read!

  2. Exactly. What is 'feasting kanabar'?

    "All thanks to a certain coffee vendor, who apparently died of aids." Yeh kaun hai?

    Boss, this one's disappointing. Not much of an expose as you promised it to be.